Sep + Oct 2017
During the course Design for Social Innovation we build an installation that received a lot of positive reactions. This installation about dementia awareness was picked up by several institutions. Resulting in exhibiting the “Dementia Closet” at several places. First we placed the closet at the “Provinciehuis Noord-Brabant” As teaser for the upcoming expositions. After that had an exposition at the European Social Innovation Week, at the Sociale Veerkracht dag. The second exposition was at the DDW during Brabant ontmoet. After these expositions, we found a place where the closet can stay permanently. This is the “Pieter Bruegelhuis”, a voluntary community house for meeting people for with and without dementia.

Teaser at Provinciehuis

Dementia closet at the European Social Innovation Week, Sociale veerkract dag

Dementia closet at the DDW at Brabant Ontmoet

Final placement in the Pieter Brueghelhuis